Whizlabs Announces 2021 New Courses

Whizlabs Announces 2021 New Courses

Whizlab is always ahead of the curve in understanding the needs of its learners and also in introducing the most anticipated and trending courses for 2021. You don’t have to search any further, just visit Whizlabs Online Courses. This blog will break down each course into clear and useful details.
Use AWS Database Migration Service(DMS) to Perform Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Migrants
Introduction to Azure Resource Manager
Microsoft Security, Compliance and Identity Foundations (SC-900), Certification
Practicalities for AWS Organizations
CCA Spark and Hadoop Developer CCA 175.
Let’s now look at each course in more detail.
1. Homogeneous and heterogeneous Migrations Using AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) – Online Course

AWS data migration is a support feature that allows you to move your database to AWS in a seamless manner. It’s more than just about moving your data to AWS. You also need to be able to control and operate the data once it is transferred. The homogeneous migration process can differ from Oracle to Microsoft SQL. The course will cover everything, from continuous replication to easy consolidation of data. These are the divisions of the course lectures:
Introduction: 1 Lecture
This guide will give you a basic overview of AWS. This lecture will give you an overview of AWS and help you locate your software and place it on your devices. This lecture will give you a brief technical and mechanical overview of the major lectures and how you can prepare for them.
3 Lectures on Introduction to AWS Services
This will give you an overview of the various software and applications that you can use to download and operate your data. It gives an example of migration from SQL Server into Aurora MySQL. This is where you will begin your journey into the Amazon world.
3 Lectures on the Basics of Data Migration to Cloud
This course will introduce you to different application deployments, analytics and workflows. It will also help you to fully understand the machine learning innovations. This course will show you how to use AWS’s partner tools.
Migration Hub in AWS: 5 Lectures
These will help you understand the running premise conditions and the benefits of the tools. We will discuss the knowledge of low latency and rapid data, concepts such as hybrid cloud storage, and use cases for Database migration.
MySQL Migration: 2 Lectures
This lecture will introduce the concept of SQL Server constraints. This lecture will show you how to shift data using SQL Servers tables and common table expressions.
3 Lectures on Server Migration in AWS
This is an important and practical part of the course. This course introduces you to VMware Cloud on AWS, VM Import and Export, and Different AWS Services that allow for server migration.
3 Lectures on AWS Cloud Migration Issues
The last one is focused on AWS Migration issues. This course not only helps you troubleshoot security issues, but also teaches how to use your technical brain to solve any unknown issue.
Register here: Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Migrations using AWS Database migration service (DMS – Online Course
2. Introduction to Azure Resource Manager – Online Course

This course introduces Azure’s deployment and management service. This course teaches you how to use templates, lock and tag security and management services for Azure. These are the divisions of the lectures:
Introduction: 3 lectures
The introduction involves familiarizing yourself with the software. It will help you to become familiar with the names, locations, and how to find them in the later lectures. It provides a general overview and helps you know what to expect in the later lectures.
Azure Resource Manager: 13 Lectures
This is the longest section of the course, and it is also one of the most important. This section will introduce you to Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, and the Azure portal. You will soon be a pro at Azure once you have completed this portion of the course.
8 Lectures on Core Concepts
This lecture will go deeper into the concepts that were covered in the previous lectures. You will learn more about subscriptions, resource groups, management groups, and many other topics.
Security: 11 lectures
This lecture will teach you how to detect, prevent, and respond to threats. This lecture will teach you how to use the software to gain superior visibility into your resources. This lecture will cover the basics of Security centre console operation.
8 lectures on Resource Deployment using Azure Manager
Azure Monitor, Azure Monitor logs, and deployment of sources using different templates such as ARM are all essential parts of learning the whole soft.