Things to Expect When You Relocate to Barbados | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Things to Expect When You Relocate to Barbados | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

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Things to Expect When You Relocate to Barbados
PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 11 June 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogFont size:LargerSmaller
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Some of the many reasons for me moving to Barbados, like to find a new job, look for a new spouse, and basically live out my life with a little more fun in a tropical paradise.Perfect white beaches, tropical breezes, gorgeous blue sky, lovely landscape, and ideal climate for sports lovers and health enthusiasts. The Island has a good social and political atmosphere.A growing economy, with a stable, business-oriented government.The US dollar-based currency adds to its stability. The crime rate is low and a well-respected legal system is in place.Barbados enjoys a good literacy rate with a high quality of education, modern and well developed construction industry, with excellent telecommunications, utilities and road networks.Best of all, Barbados is relaxed and laid back! But are we?Some of the downfalls are: It can be extremely hot in summer.It took me two years to acclimatise! Service can be slow, but then again, no one is rushing you, so you need to slow down the pace. “Service is usually friendly except sometimes when it’s not. And when it’s not it’s not about you.” The relaxed and laid-back attitudes in restaurants and stores can be interpreted as rude, but don’t take it personally.We all eventually learn how to deal with it, by getting to know them, and they coming around to both liking and trusting you. (Because it is actually a very transient society.)
In Barbados they drive on the opposite side of the road depending where you come from. As you drive, keep your ass in the centre of the road.There is lots to see around the island. I took up photography and art, which has added a lot of enjoyment to my life.
Barbados can be a very expensive place to live.The cost of living is indeed high – remember, almost everything in Barbados has to be imported.It’s expensive to ship cars, fridges, stoves, food and everything else here — and on top of shipment costs, is duty, one of the few ways the government has to bring money into an economy that does not export very much.So expect everything to be expensive in Barbados. It is so worth it though.An air-conditioned bedroom is a must to help you sleep comfortably and avoid barking dogs and ward off mosquitoes chewing you alive at night!
But I love working hard during the week, and on weekends you can find me on the beach with a Vodka and coconut water in hand, on a lounge chair under an umbrella, enjoying life.Still no sign of a new spouse anywhere in sight, but that’s ok, (might be a blessing) between my exercise, both physical and spiritual, my two dogs keeping me company, and most importantly, a few good friends to hang out with, I feel like I am the most blessed person in the world.
Luckily, my family acquired Residency Status 35 years ago.Because visitors are not permitted to engage in any occupation or to accept any employment during their stay, unless they have residency papers. Persons who wish to take up permanent residence in Barbados must provide tangible evidence that they are not likely to become a charge on the nation.Applications should be made first with the Immigration Department, or with an attorney, to make sure you are not only given a couple of months to stay at a time.

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