SmartSuite Review [2022]

SmartSuite Review [2022]

SmartSuite combines enterprise-level processes and tasks with the things you need to do every day. SmartSuite is a work management tool that’s designed for today’s virtual workforce. It features automations and an easy-to-use interface that makes it easier to do your job.
SmartSuite may be the right tool for you if you’re currently using MS Planner or spreadsheets.

What is SmartSuite?
Project management
Data views
My work view
SmartSuite Dashboards
Automations and workflows
What makes SmartSuite different?
SmartSuite’s Advantages
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SmartSuite Product
Cost and plans: A 14-day free trial is available. Then, you can choose from Team, Professional, or Enterprise plans, depending on how many solutions and records are required. Annual billing at $10 per user
Hosting model: Cloud only
Languages: The interface can be used in 15 languages.
Website: SmartSuite.com
Summary Review of SmartSuite. If you have ever thought that managing spreadsheets was too complicated, but have not found an alternative, SmartSuite is the solution. SmartSuite is a smart way for you to integrate processes, projects, chat, calendars, documents, and workflow. SmartSuite is an alternative for ClickUp, Smartsheet, and Airtable. What is SmartSuite?
SmartSuite would be what you would get if Airtable, Notion, and monday.com were all thrown into a blender.
SmartSuite is a project management tool that combines simple project management features with workflow automation. Your dashboard is composed of Solutions, which can be thought of as apps, databases, or workflows (if I recall Lotus Notes, it reminded of that), but they are all integrated to one another so there is no duplication.
Each Solution comes with a Solution guide that explains how to use it and its purpose. You can customize the text to give a quick tutorial to your colleagues.
You can quickly get started with over 200 solution templates. These templates were sourced from industry experts to allow you to benefit from best-in class processes without having the need for a new design.
Templates are available for industries such as professional services, non-profits and security. There are also templates for project management, such as:
Program management
Goals and Objectives
Requests for changes
‘PM Lite’
Portfolio management
Requests for projects

There are many more. All the details you need to run your PMO have been considered and prepared for you. You can also start from scratch. You have the option.
Every template comes with a live demo so you can see all the features. You can then save the template to your account if you like it. You can either use it as-is or modify it as you wish.
Let’s look at a project management tracking template.
Project management
One of the biggest problems I see in organizations is the lack of a project list. Although it sounds easy, maintaining a database can be a burden. SmartSuite allows you to simply use the Project Management Solution for all your projects, including their status, key dates, and progress.
Grid view of all projects. Projects can link to deliverables, milestones, staffing, and status reports. You can have multiple tabs or views in the project database. You can also link to another Solution (database/sets of records) within your system. This is great because you don’t need to create staff lists for resource allocation within each Solution.
To learn more about each record and make changes, click on the link. You’re familiar with Airtable and will feel right at home. SmartSuite offers more flexibility for teams and a cleaner user interface. Attachments can be added directly to the record, so that everything related to a project or task remains in one place.
Adding attachmentsCollaboration is built right in. You can comment in Slack-style and @ mention other.