We are no longer recommending Method123 and MPMM

We are no longer recommending Method123 and MPMM

Photo by lenifuzhead via Flickr
You may have noticed that I used a link for MPMM and Method123 above each comment box. They have been removed and I no longer recommend them.
They have good products, and I’ve heard good things about them. That is why I put the links up. They might also have great products, as I mentioned I’ve heard positive things about them. Their marketing staff has been pestering me lately about not promoting them. I think they might have been annoyed that I didn’t promote the products on their home page or in a more obvious manner.
In any case, I would love to know if anyone has any recommendations for similar resources for people looking for project management templates or methodology artifacts. Do you have a suggestion?
If you are selling it I’m only interested in recommendations from people who have personally used the product as customers and would recommend it.