Trust is the key to success

Trust is the key to success

It was an honor to be included in Project Leadership, a new eBook sponsored By AtTask. This eBook is a great resource. I have learned so much from the contributors, and I believe you will too. You can see what I mean by it here:
There is something wrong with the conversion. It might be necessary to call it off. These were the words that my team member blurted out when I approached. My boss, chief information officer, was not far behind me. Because this was a large project that involved most of our major applications, my boss was following me from desk to desk. If one fails, all of them fail. This was something we had been practicing for many months.
I calmly asked my teammate to explain what had happened. He showed me the conversion reports and the out-of balance totals. I could see fatigue on his face. I was able to see that he believed the entire project was on him. I knew he was smart, dedicated, and a good listener. He didn’t need me or my boss jumping in to review reports and issue orders. He needed to take time to reflect, examine the situation again, and suggest a solution.
I looked at him and said, “Okay, let’s take a break.” Get up and leave your computer. Take a break and then come back to the report. I will be back in an hour. Then, I left.
My boss followed me and said in not-so-hushed tones, “Take a break?” This is how you solve a problem that could bring you to your knees. Take a break? I looked at him and said, “Just trust us and give me an hour.” My team member called me back in less than an hour to tell me that everything was fine and that he had accidentally transposed two numbers due to his fatigue and nervousness.
Trust was key in this situation. My boss reluctantly trusted me. I had to believe in myself and be firm in my approach. I had also to trust that my team member could solve the problem. My team member had to trust that I believed in him.
Key Lessons 1 and 2 Trust is key to success in projects. Trust yourself and be firm in your approach. ?On his face I saw fatigue. At that moment I could see that his entire project was on his shoulders. ?
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