Troy Hunt talks that I’ve seen, and that have inspired me

Troy Hunt talks that I’ve seen, and that have inspired me

Troy Hunt talks that I’ve seen, and that have inspired me
Troy Hunt, an Australian IT Professional with a bright future, is Troy Hunt. I recommend following him on Twitter and keeping an eye on his Personal blog if you don’t already know him. He shares great information and good recommendations for anyone who is involved in IT Security.
Here is his blog:
Today, I received a Google alert that I was mentioned somewhere. I’m happy to be in Troy’s blog, because I know that Troy is involved in a project that will grab the attention of the world.
Here’s the wonderful feedback I received from his blog:
Speaking is something that I continue to improve upon after each session. It is always fascinating to see the reactions of the audience and the approaches of other speakers. The mix of humor and content, how much is ad libbed, how much speaker relies on static content, and how much people can take away and use. Here are some talks I have seen over the past year that have inspired me in completely different ways.
If you ask me what I think is better than one feedback from Troy, I would answer that it would be receiving two. Here is the second:
It is difficult to predict what to expect at a new conference, especially when it comes down to the level of formality versus humor or ad lib from the presenters. I expected more formality than what I actually saw. That’s a good thing. There were many great presentations that preceded mine that set a fun, interactive tone with a very engaged audience. For example, Adam Cogan’s session on ALM using Visual Studio 2013 and Erdal Ozkaya’s Dark Side of Social Networking (absolutely hilarious, very insightful).
Here is the direct URL : ndc-2014-vikings-passwords-and/
The URL for the second blog entry is here: