Setting the Scene to Work from Home | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Setting the Scene to Work from Home | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

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Setting the Scene to Work from Home
PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 30 July 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogFont size:LargerSmaller
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Over the course of my latest (and hopefully last) professional endeavour, I’ve been able to reflect on the trials and tribulations of starting a home-based business. Sure, it offers a lot of advantages, but it also introduces a myriad of difficulties, to put it mildly. Freelancing is tough, but the challenges of starting up a business open a whole different can of worms. What really got me thinking were the effects that my physical space had on my success. You’d be amazed at how the smallest of changes affects your productivity and mindset!
Starting out, I worked in the dining room. The television or radio played softly in the background, and I settled in at the dining table. Big mistake. Here’s why:
“It’s nice to have background noise” I thought. Wrong. These things are distractions, especially the television. You may think it’s not really affecting you, but every moment spent following the storyline or picking up on something a voice in the distance says, is two or more moments you’ve taken from progress – one for the time spent paying attention to the outside source, plus however many more it takes for you to get back into the flow of work.
“I’m close to the kitchen, and a few short steps from the garden” I thought. While that may have been true, it also meant I was easily distracted, and I never really entered that ‘workplace’ mode. Blurring the lines of where to work and where to relax can become a hazard to your business.
“It’s not like I don’t work here… I work hard!” I thought. Lies. Okay fine, so I was at my laptop making efforts most of the day, but actually I wasted who-knows-how-many hours. All these distractions, and my inability to really focus, stole time from my productivity. Had I been more productive, it would’ve shown in my bank account sooner. A spade is a spade.

Today I sit in my office at home, writing from a space that feels like my corporate environment. The fact of the matter is: your environment plays a huge role in your productivity. I shudder to think where I would be today if I hadn’t gotten out of those cozy, but degenerative surroundings. Productivity breeds results, and results are what you’re selling (whether they’re services or products). Sales breeds financial success, and any success breeds a feeling of accomplishment.

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