No luck required

No luck required

“If we all helped each other, there would be no need for luck.” Sophocles
‘Good luck.’
How many times have you heard this from someone? How often have they said it to you?
Sometimes, a polite response to a situation is to say ‘Good Luck’. It is similar to ‘Have you a nice day’ to someone going through difficult times. This could be your goodbye phrase to someone you are leaving behind.
It is okay to wish someone “Good luck.”
If you’re saying “Good luck” to a team member having difficulty with an assignment or to a member of the team who just told you that they are late, you as the project manager and leader have an obligation to help.
Your job is to help your team member overcome obstacles. To listen to them discuss the problem, to brainstorm with them and to recruit others to help them.
If you see a member of your team in trouble and you wish them luck, it is almost as if you are ignoring their situation.
Don’t just wish your team members luck. Instead of wishing them luck, offer to help. This is part of your responsibility. It does not mean that you can solve all their problems.
Don’t wish your team members a ‘Good Luck’, instead make sure you offer them support.