Meet TeamGantt’s new Sidebar and Gantt Chart View

Meet TeamGantt’s new Sidebar and Gantt Chart View

Both TeamGantt’s sidebar gantt chart and sidebar have been redesigned! These changes were made with three main goals in mind:
Reduce clutter and increase scannability to make it easier to find what you are looking for
You can quickly access important features, projects, and tools faster
Sidebar: Make room for future features, such as boards and folders.
Here’s a quick overview of the latest, and a peek at what’s next.
Sidebar update: Jump directly to the top tools and projects with a single click
Quick links to key sections
Apart from some style changes, the most significant change in your new sidebar will be the addition of three quick link icons to the far left. Let’s take a closer at each one.
This link is your key to all that’s relevant to you. Clicking on the purple Me icon will open and close the main section of your sidebar. Here you can access your daily tasks, custom views, and projects (coming soon). We have moved any global links to the 2 next link icons.
This link makes it easy to stay on top of project communication. To go to your main Discussions page, click the green chat bubble icon. If you see a small red dot at the bottom right of this icon it means that you have an unread discussion.
In the old sidebar, Workloads and Reports were two separate links. All the report-y stuff is now on one Reports page that you can access quickly by clicking the blue icon.
Expanding and collapsing the sidebar
For a larger gantt chart view, you can always minimize the sidebar. Now you can access your 3 quick links even if your sidebar is closed.
It’s as simple as hovering over your sidebar to expand or collapse it. The main section disappears when you aren’t using it. This gives you more space to work on your projects.
Filter your project list using Favorites
Your sidebar can get quite long if you have many projects to keep up with. You can now filter your project list to only your favorites with this update To view a cleaner sidebar, click the star icon.
Here’s an example showing how your sidebar will look without and with the Favorites filter.
Full project list without Favorites view
Filtered project list with Favorites view applied

Gantt chart update: Get a better view of your gantt charts
We are always looking for ways that TeamGantt can be made easier on the eyes. So, we refreshed your gantt charts. Here’s a quick overview of the latest:
For a consistent and clean gantt chart look, updated styles were applied to task, group, project bars, column headers, milestones, and task bar task bars.
Highlights make it easier to locate top-level groups. They also allow you to tell which task or group is being scanned as you scan your project.

Tasks at 0% are shown in light gray, so you can clearly see the work in progress.
Toggle arrows are located to the left of each group bar. They allow you to collapse or expand task groups from your gantt charts.
Our new, improved task, group, project and group edit windows were added to the gantt charts. You can quickly toggle between task details or checklist items when editing tasks, for instance.

Coming soon: Boards and templates, folders, and a new list view
These are not the only changes we have been making behind the scenes. Here’s a peek at what’s next:
Boards: We are super excited to bring boards to TeamGantt to provide the best blended project management experience. We are rolling out this feature to beta users. If you’d like to be among the first to test it, let us know.
Project templates: Project planning just got easier! You will soon find brand-new templates in your TeamGantt account.