Is CompTIA A+ on the verge of collapse?

Is CompTIA A+ on the verge of collapse?

CompTIA stands to represent the Computing Technology Industry Association. It is an American trade association that fosters IT professionals from students. It works to develop a highly-skilled and well-equipped workforce for the IT industry. CompTIA was established in 1982 and is one of the most important trade associations in the IT industry.
CompTIA has issued vendor-neutral professional certifications in more than 120 countries. CompTIA certificates have been awarded to more than 2.2 million people since its inception.
What is CompTIA+?
CompTIA A+ certification is for entry-level computer service technicians. CompTIA A+ certification is vendor-neutral, meaning it covers the subject matter in depth and broadly. This certification assesses your ability to install, maintain, customize, and operate a personal computer.
Multiple-choice questions are part of the CompTIA A+ exam. Core 1 (210-1001) and Core 2, (230-1002) will require you to answer 90 questions within 90 minutes. This exam will assess your basic security skills, develop operational skills, IT infrastructure and basic data backup skills. Questions are based on the problem identification, tradition, and the current situation. CompTIA certifications were traditionally valid for a lifetime. Since 2011, however, you will need to take the CompTIA+ test every five year.
Who should take the CompTIA+ test?
This certification is for professionals who are looking to start their IT careers. You must have at least 9 to 12 months of practical experience. These experiences can be obtained in labs, on the ground, or at IT training centers.
What does CompTIA A+ certification prepare me for?
The demand for reliable IT infrastructure is increasing as the world moves towards cloud computing and data storage. The CompTIA A+ certificate will prepare you to manage IT infrastructure. It helps you to understand the hardware and software that go into a personal computer.
CompTIA A+ certification also prepares you to troubleshoot hardware, operating system and software, network, security, mobile devices and cloud computing.
What jobs are you able to expect after obtaining the CompTIA A+ certification
Service Desk Analyst

You provide technical support to users. You resolve all types of network, hardware, or software problems. You also manage maintenance programs for clients’ computers.
Help desk tech

Your role will be to manage the IT infrastructure. This is a critical role for the company, as you will be updating the technology. End-users will also benefit from your technical support and troubleshooting skills.
Technical support specialist

You will troubleshoot and fix clients’ hardware and software, install and run programs, and diagnose problems. You will also be able to troubleshoot network issues, configure operating system, and provide remote support.
Field service technician

You will answer customer calls and provide technical support and maintenance support at customers’ sites. This role requires fieldwork. You will be required to repair, maintain, and install equipment in the field. When necessary, you will also provide technical support.
Associate network engineer

Technicians are responsible for maintaining the network’s hardware and cabling. You will be responsible for maintaining and installing WAN infrastructure as well as assessing network broadband’s capacity.
Data support technician

Data support technicians are experts at auditing, accounting, collecting and recording business information, as well as in recovering it. You will review and retrieve data sources and verify their accuracy and utility. You will create reports and manage data support.
Administrator of desktop support

Clients will need assistance with software and hardware issues. You can render your services remotely or onsite. You will install and upgrade software, as well as troubleshoot fundamental IT issues.
End-user computing technician

You will provide support for personal computers, laptops and tablets as well as mobile devices. You will ensure that client’s database asset information is accurate and current. You will typically focus on large-scale projects such as departmental requirements and organization requirements.
Support specialist for system

This domain will require you to be a multi-tasker. You will be able to assist with any type of software problem, network breakdowns, or hardware failures. You will also be responsible for creating and maintaining user accounts.
What is the cost for this certification?
Two exams are required to obtain certification. One exam costs $232, or INR 16,983. Both exams cost $464, or INR 34.017. Comptia.org offers several purchase options.
CompTIA’s financials and the IT industry
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