Is Cisco DevNet certification worth it?

Is Cisco DevNet certification worth it?

The value of Cisco Networking Certifications has been increasing tremendously. You must have heard of various certifications like CCNA, CCIE and CCNP if you are part of the IT community. Because of their significant value, they help professionals to have an advantage over others.
Cisco has also simplified all its networking certifications. The ultimate goal is to provide modernized pathways for professionals to improve their specialties and shine in their respective fields.
CiscoDevNetAssociate certification validates many aspects of your skills. It covers areas such as Cisco platforms and APIs, Cisco’s programming strategy, and many other topics.
Let us understand the CiscoDevNetCertification in detail. First, let’s take a look at the agenda.
What is a DevNetProfessional certificate?

Updated Curriculum

Who should take theDevNetCertification?

Cost ofDevNetCertification

Steps To Cisco CertifiedDevNetAssociate Certification

Why choose NetCom Learning to earn CiscoDevNetAssociate certification?


Let’s begin!
What isDevNetAssociateCertificate?
TheDevNetCertificationis specially designed for the professionals who wish to be in the development teams and inherit a hands-on experience of one or more years. This experience must include the maintenance and development of applications on different Cisco platforms. ?
Required Exam to becomeDevNetAssociate: 200-901DEVASC
ThisDevNetAssociate exam tests the knowledge of your teams at the associate level in a variety of fields. These include understanding and using APIs, software design and development, automation, infrastructure and deployment, security, and security on various Cisco platforms.
Recommended Training: Developing Applications and Automating Workflows Using Cisco Core Platforms (DEVASC).
This course helps your teamsprepare for Cisco(r)DevNetAssociate certification and for associate-level network automation engineer roles.

Curriculum Update
DevNetresolved is centered around two major technology areas: automation and network programmability. For 200-901DevNetAssociate exam, here’s a complete list of topics:
Software Development and Design (Covers15%weightage).

Understanding and using APIs (Covers 20weightage)

Cisco Platforms and Development (Covers 15weightage)

Application Deployment & Security (Covers 15%weightage).

Infrastructure and Automation (Covers 20 percent weightage)

Network Fundamentals (Covers15%weightage).

To get detailed information aroundeach topicof thecurriculum, referthelink:https://developer.cisco.com/certification/exam-topic-associate/)

Who Should Take theDevNetCertification?
It is essential to understand who should appear for theDevNetcertifications. The certification is a great way for professionals to increase their skill set and broaden their knowledge base. There are eight specializations.
This course is for developers who have had hands-on experience for at least one year. Experience must include the development and maintenance applications on different Cisco platforms. This course is also available for a variety of job profiles, including:
Software developers

Application developers

Network engineers

Anyone who falls within these categories and wishes to improve their skills and expand their knowledge in software, programmingability, and automation, can apply for the course. Here is a list with the best job roles that are suited for this course:
Software Developer

Network Designer

Programmer for system integration

Network automation engineer

Architecture architect

In addition, this course material is extremely beneficial for thelearnerswho seek to prepare for Cisco CertifiedDevNetAssociate certification.
Help your teams develop a better understanding of theCiscoDevNettechnology track by takingFree Cisco Trainingfrom NetCom Learning. It will give them a competitive edge and help them deliver better business results.

Cost ofDevNetAssociateCertification
TheDevNetAssociateexam (200-901 DEVASC) is priced at $300.
The exam lasts 120 minutes.

The total number of questions ranges from 100 to 102. The questions can be answered in multiple-choice, single-response, multiple-choice and multiple-response formats.

Steps To Cisco CertifiedDevNetAssociate Certification

Basic understanding of the computer system

The basics of internet use

Understanding how to navigate PC operating systems

Practical experience with a coding language, especially Python

Course duration
Instructor-led training: 5 Days (classroom) and 3 Days (self-study).

Virtual instructor-led training: 5 Days (classroom instruction) and three days (self-study).

e-Learning: 40 hours of classroom instruction, including flexible engagement model, hands on training, and self-paced learning.

Two major steps are required to move ahead