Intuitive Task Reorder, New Task Filters and Magic Link Login

Intuitive Task Reorder, New Task Filters and Magic Link Login

Welcoming everyone to the ActiveCollab monthly recap! We covered April’s Project page, its filters and batch edit. Also, we discussed the progress bar, batch editing, and completed tasks in ActiveCollab’s mobile app. We’ll be discussing changes to the list view and a simpler way to log in while on the move. Project page
The list view of a project shows the main changes made. Drag-and-drop task lists can now be moved in the desired order. This is similar to how they look in the column view. This month’s novelty is the ability to filter tasks by priority. You can now filter tasks by priority if you have highlighted tasks that you don’t see in the task list. They will be saved and available for you to use as soon as you close the tab. You can reset all filters by clicking the button. Mobile app
We are certain that those who have had enough of typing letters, symbols, and characters will embrace the new way to log into the ActiveCollab mobile application! You can now access the app by choosing the magic link and begin collaborating on the move. You’ll soon receive an email that will allow to skip the password shenanigans.
ActiveCollab’s May uptime was 99.98%. Are you seeing any interruptions? Is the app moving at a glacial speed? We’d love to hear from you via Twitter or email! Contact us today!
We are working on something huge that we will talk about more next month. So stay tuned!