How to prepare for the ACI Dealing Certificate? Blog

How to prepare for the ACI Dealing Certificate? Blog

The ACI Dealing Certificate (002-100 exam) expired 31 March 2021. ACI Dealing Certificate New Edition is the replacement.
ACI – The Financial Markets Association (ACIFMA), is an examination body.
Third parties, such as training companies, business schools, and authors offer exam preparation opportunities.
ACIFMA was established in 1955 and focuses on promoting best market practices and supporting market participants in accordance to the principles of ethical conduct.
The ACI Financial Markets Association, a leading trade association worldwide, represents the interests and needs of the professional financial market community.
Global financial markets are dynamic and constantly changing, and this requires highly qualified professionals with extensive market knowledge and skills.
ACI FMA’s education, certification, and certified products and service ranges, as well as its committees, sector working groups, and global network of National Associations, offer a universal framework for education and endorse for individuals and organizations working in today’s financial market. We will be discussing the ACI Dealing Certificate in more detail.
Advantages of ACI Dealing Certificate
Employer and Career Benefits
It increases the opportunities for candidates nationally and internationally through a worldwide qualification.
You must also meet the requirements of the financial services authorities in order to be able to carry out regulated activities.
To learn global standards and a skill-set that is specific to the Treasury.
You can also join a worldwide network of ACI certificate holder.
Enable the administration to pass with flying colors any regulatory risk.
Furthermore, staff members must meet the requirements of the financial services authorities in order to be able to perform regulated activities.
ACI’s Education Programme also provides nationwide, portable, professional qualifications that enhance career prospects, improve job performance, and establish frameworks within the industry.
ACI’s training companies, business schools, and training companies offer both classroom training and distance learning materials that help candidates prepare for their exam. To help them prepare for their exam, study packs and trainers can be arranged.
Who can take this exam.
The following groups are eligible to take part in the course:
Junior dealers and new entrants who have between 0-18 months experience in the trading room.
Personnel for the middle office and operations
Compliance officers and auditors
Employees who meet the requirements of the financial services authorities for governed activity are considered to be in compliance.
Risk managers
Fund managers
Financial analysts with a good understanding and knowledge in financial English.
ACI Dealing Certificate: A Overview
ACI Dealing Certificate allows candidates to gain a working understanding of the operation and structure major money markets and foreign currency, as well as applications of the fundamental mathematics used in these markets, core products like cash, forwards, and derivatives, and the basic skills required to participate.
Exam Details
All ACI exams can be taken online.
ACI Dealing Certificates and other ACI certifications can also be obtained in German and English.
The ACI Dealing Certificate can be accessed in English and German.
The exam costs 250 EUR, including all taxes.
The exam lasts for 2 hours. The examination lasts 120 minutes and contains 90 multiple-choice questions.
The pass level is 60% (54 correct responses), assuming that the minimum score is not exceeded.
Each topic basket must meet the criteria.
Grades: Pass 60% – 69.99 %
Merit 70 – 79%
Distinction 80% or more
If a candidate fails, they can re-take the exam as many times as necessary. Candidates who pass the exam can use the title DC on a business card.