How to become a coder at Amazon

How to become a coder at Amazon

Have you ever wondered how to become an Amazon coder? Many people consider Amazon a dream job. Reputable, big brands with great reputations. How do you get a job in such a demanding company, though?
Is it possible? What should you do?
Let’s take a look at everything you need to know in order to become a coder for Amazon. We’ll start with a brief history and then move on to the number of software development jobs available.
Amazon’s History: Get to Grips
In 1994, Jeff Bezos created Amazon as an online bookstore for books. It soon began selling other products online and quickly grew to become one of the most important retailers in the world. They also own brands such as Twitch, Whole Food Markets and Kuiper Systems.
Amazon is now the most valuable brand in the globe, surpassing Walmart in 2020. They are the 9th most valuable company worldwide, according to Fortune Global 500 with a revenue of $281 billion annually.
It’s not surprising that programmers and developers flock year-round to them. But how many jobs is there?
Amazon Hires Developers From All Over the Globe
There are thousands of job opportunities available for employees at this large company with offices in almost every country. You can see 26 different categories on their career website. These include Amazon Web Services and Digital Entertainment, Operations Technology, and Human Resources and Marketing.
They had approximately 26,000 jobs in November 2020 across all their activities. We thought we’d help narrow it down to the most relevant cities and locations so you can get a better idea about where to start.
Amazon hires many software developers
You can easily sort the jobs by department on their website. While most of the jobs aren’t useful, nearly 25% of them are for software development. There are also a few terms that might be of interest to you. Here’s a breakdown.
Seattle is the Best Place to Find Amazon Coding Jobs
Amazon jobs are most popular in the United States, England and India. If you take everything in its entirety, it’s not surprising. We can see that while Seattle is clearly the hub for their work, Canada and India are also good locations. (And Germany sneaks in at number 14).
If you’re looking to work at Amazon as a software developer, Seattle is the best place. It’s not surprising since they have around 45,000 employees. It’s worth noting, however, that Hyderabad, India, has a large campus that can house approximately 15,000 people. This is a location that could see a boom in the future.
Remote Jobs are also available
You might be wondering if it is necessary to relocate in the current economic climate. Amazon is just one of many companies who have been adapting to working remotely, but it doesn’t appear that they will soon. According to their website, there were approximately 1,247 remote jobs in November. Some of these jobs were for solution architects (356), and software developers (134).
This puts remote working on par with cities like Vancouver and Hyderabad. It could be worth considering.
What are the Big Trends Amazon Is Watching?
We found some topics that kept popping up in job descriptions. While it is important to research the specific role you are applying for, it can be helpful to have a better understanding of trends.
Learn how to navigate Blockchain
You might be interested in cryptocurrency and how it can revolutionize security. Blockchain is simply where everyone has a copy the ‘ledger of changes’. This includes all transactions for currency.
It’s almost impossible to fake a change because the information is backed up by thousands of computers. It would be impossible to change each one at once.
It’s not surprising that Amazon is interested in blockchain technology. Perhaps they are interested in it for internal security reasons? Perhaps they are considering using bitcoin to pay for their purchases? We don’t know. It is only natural that one of the largest retailers in the world might want to learn more about a currency with the potential to become the global standard. Maybe.
Learn all about Big Data
Big Data is basically the idea that there are millions of bits of information about people, things, and places all over the globe. All that information can be combined to make better predictions and get a better understanding of what’s happening.
This involves taking data from many sources and converting it into a format that can be understood by one system. Imagine plugging in a hundred databases to each other.