How to be an Entrepreneur: 5 Tips for Coding Skills

How to be an Entrepreneur: 5 Tips for Coding Skills

It’s the itch you can’t seem to scratch. You work at least 40 hours per weeks, but spend at least half of that time dreaming up your next business idea. You don’t have the coding skills to make your app, program, or website a reality. You’ll need to find a co-founder or hire a developer to create your product. It’s not always easy and, unless they’re being generous, it’s not often possible to find a co-founder or hire a developer who can create your product. Learn the same language as your developers. Imagine being placed in an air traffic control tower, and given instructions to direct incoming aircraft. Let me be bold and say that this would be quite scary for most people. Although you would know exactly where each flight should land, it would still be difficult, if it wasn’t impossible, to understand and speak the language necessary to make it happen. It will be easier for entrepreneurs to communicate with developers and understand the direction of your product. Avoid being left behind. It is important that at least one founding partner of your start-up understands the business and technology so that you can communicate what’s happening to investors, partners, and media. It is also worth noting that investors are becoming more interested in founders with coding skills. Entreprenuer.com
At the recent SXSW Interactive festival, Austin, Texas, programming skills were high up on the list of startup entrepreneurs. One reason is that investors seem to be attracted to people who are proficient in coding. During the Q & A section of a panel called “Investor Spotting,” I witnessed one investor interrupt an entrepreneur trying to pitch his startup idea. “Do you code?’ He asked. Big pause. Dejectedly, the entrepreneur replied, “No,” “I wish.’
3. Hiring the best talent is a must for entrepreneurs. It’s the developers who will make your company’s success possible. Robert Glass, in his book, Facts and Fallacies of Software Engineering, cites research showing that the best programmers can be up to 28 times more skilled than the worst. It will be easier to ask the right question, assess technical acumen, then ultimately choose a great developer over a bad one. Develop prototypes. As we have said, technical knowledge is often what stops an idea from becoming a reality. Coding Dojo is often populated by students who have an original idea but lack the coding skills necessary to make it a reality. They launch successful start-ups like Alumnify founder AJ Agrewal. Even if you don’t plan to be the lead developer of your product, a basic knowledge of coding can help you create prototypes that you can use to test your product idea before you spend a lot of money and time on it. Sharpen your ability solve problemsSteve Jobs once stated, “Everyone in this country should know how to program computers because it teaches how to think.” Coding teaches you how you can break down problems and how to see how they fit together. This video is a great example of why coding is the future’s “superpower”.
There are many options available to learn code, whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established one. In just 12 weeks, you can be a full-stack programmer and get your first project off of the ground.