How to Automate, Optimize and Make Your Business More Profitable

How to Automate, Optimize and Make Your Business More Profitable

CompTIA’s Managed Services Community filmed a series to help MSPs get the most out of their RMM, PSA, and other tools. This included next-level automation, sales opportunities, and accounting. These videos are worth checking out. Don’t forget to subscribe the CompTIA Connect YouTube channel. Managed service providers come from all walks of life. Most managed service providers have one thing in common: they rely on professional services automation (PSA), tools to manage their business. However, there are many differences. Each PSA platform is unique and each MSP uses it differently.
According to CompTIA’s Managed Services Community executive council members, MSPs often pay for features they don’t use or know how to use. This can make them more productive and efficient.
Two of these members recently completed a YouTube series to help you get more for your PSA dollars. Eric Anthony, director at Egnyte’s channel community, and Ryan Goodman (president of ConnectBooster), discuss a variety of topics including security, managing cash flow, process automation, complex billing issues, and more. All with the goal to help MSPs succeed.
You can save hours by optimizing and automating your PSA tool. Anthony said that this is important because it allows you focus on the things that will grow your business.
Here’s a look at every episode:
Next-Level Automation with your A Software
Anthony and Goodman discuss how to automate multiple processes and increase client self-service. MSPs can expect improved help desk ticketing workflows and seamless service-level agreements.
“PSA tools can help you ensure that you are not violating the SLAs in your managed service agreement. Anthony stated that it allows you to concentrate on the quality and speed you want in your company.
Your PSA Software can solve complex billing issues
Many PSA software platforms enable MSPs to use cloud services billing tools, automate billing, manage billing integrations with telcos, and leverage many other PSA software platforms. MSPs have many things to bill, including time, products, and third-party services that are part of a PSA tool. It can be difficult to create a single invoice for all of this complexity, but Goodman says it doesn’t have.
He said that there are many great ways to reduce the hassle of multiple billing sources and save time, money, and get accurate billing with variable user accounts.
Your PSA Software can help you increase sales and accountability

Many MSPs overlook the CRM component of their PSA tool, believing it is not as advanced as pureplay CRM applications. Goodman says that most companies don’t use even the most basic functions, even though accountability is a major driver of sales production.
“Each CRM tool in a PSA does an excellent job managing contacts and creating opportunities and activities under those opportunities. You can see how many calls and emails are being made based on the activity type. This is crucial to the success and growth of a sales organization. He said that if you don’t measure it you won’t be able to track it.”
This episode also covers how to organize your salesperson’s day, forecast based upon the sales funnel, manage turnover, and more.
Process Automation with RMM
An RMM tool can be used to greatly improve the operational efficiency of MSP business processes. This includes automated maintenance, self healing remediation, co-managed IT, and analytics.
We all know how crucial maintenance is for IT infrastructure. Anthony stated that the more maintenance we do, there will be fewer problems down to the line. “With RMM tools, we can in most cases create scripts or visual automations. This makes it easier to complete tasks and allows you to do maintenance more often. You can perform some maintenance tasks every day if needed, which reduces the number of tickets and improves client satisfaction.
RMM and Accounting Software: Managing Cash Flow
Many MSPs are technical people, so they may not be able to fully understand income statements and how it can be used to help them run their business. RMM and accounting software can help your business access cash by better using income statements, balances, and policies and procedures to ensure that invoices are paid.
Goodman stated that there is a lot of information you can get from your accounting software, especially around the income statement. “Are you mak