How much do project managers make?

How much do project managers make?

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The goal-setters in the business world are project managers. Their job is full time planning. Which part of a larger project should they be working on and for how long? It is a job that involves questions such as how much money to budget for a project and how much time it will take to work out setbacks.
Project managers are often well-respected for their efforts. But how much?
ProjectManager.com has released a new infographic that shows how it all depends on where you live and your industry.
Project managers, for example, earn the most in Australia and the United States. They average a salary of $134 658, $133 605, and $108,000. Project managers in India, China, and Egypt can expect to make $24,201, $27.052, and $27.156, respectively.
The wages in the United States are also varied. The national median salary for project managers at entry level is $89,286, while established project managers are $96,425. For IT project managers, it is $100,000. And for engineers project managers, it is $107,472. Director of PMOs earn the most, making an average $134,791 per year. The size of a project can also have a significant impact on your salary. The Project Management Institute found that project managers who manage projects exceeding $10 million make 40% more.
The income earned by an individual is also affected by where they live in the United States. Project managers in Miami, for example, make an average of $83,615 per year, while San Franciscan project managers earn close to $100,000 ($99 7,748). (Despite this, Miami project managers are still “better off” due to differences in cost of living.
These data have implications for the future project management. The field is expected to grow by 12% between 2010-2020, and PMPs currently make up to 16% less than non-certified professionals. This means that there are three things.
Industry also has a significant impact on who is the best project manager. CIO reports that project managers in consulting, natural resources ($116,000), or pharmaceuticals ($113.909) earn the highest base salaries. IT, which is known for its high salaries, came in seventh place with a median salary of $104,000.
There are many other factors that can affect a project manager’s salary. These include work experience, education, time spent in industry, and even basic likeability. Did I miss anything? Comment below to share your thoughts!
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