Book Review: Leadership Principles for Project Success

Book Review: Leadership Principles for Project Success

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Thomas Juli, author of Leadership Principles for Project Success, writes that it is misleading to define success in static terms and focus only on the delivery. He provides a wider definition of success in his book Leadership Principles for Project Success, but you will have to wait until page 85 to see it.
Project leadership is a hot topic right now and this book is part the cultural evolution about the role of a project manager. It is filled with examples and Juli’s own experiences. Everybody loves a good story and there are many in this book. The Leadership Principles, as mentioned in the title, are:
Create vision
Nurture collaboration
Promote performance
Learn by doing
Get results

The book is divided into two parts. The first explains and discusses the principles and the second shows how they can be applied at different stages of the project.
There is a lot of common sense stuff. But if everyone did the same, projects wouldn’t have half as many problems. Juli acknowledges that common sense is key to project success but says it is not enough and that “it takes at most one person to lead”
What if you don’t have the leadership role? Juli has also taken this into consideration and included a section that offers practical advice on what you can do when you aren’t in charge or don’t have the influence to create the vision.
Appendices are my favorite part of the project, as I love all things practical. You can find templates and sample documents to help you communicate clearly and establish a common understanding among project stakeholders.
Although I found some paragraphs lacking in clarity and the book could be 20 pages shorter, it’s not a major criticism. You’ll still enjoy it. This guidance might help us all become project leaders, which would be a great thing.
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