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The IV Luxury Experience
PostedbyIV Luxury SailingonMonday, 07 December 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog
If you seek to embrace an amazing day experience of something out of the ordinary, then a day on Cool Runnings IV Luxury is awaiting you! As the immaculate catamaran glides over the turquoise se, you’re left with the decision to soak up the sun or relax in the comfort of an air conditioned lounge. Your day will be full of adventure as you enjoy the guided snorkelling with the sea turtle, tropical fish and over the shipwreck.
In addition to your day of pampering, you’ll relish the Chef prepared lunch and premium beverages served with personalised attention from the experienced crew.
This memorable cruise and intimate setting of the remarkable Cool Runnings IV Luxury, leaves you feeling like sun kissed royalty!
Our links are below:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/coolrunningsluxurybarbados/?fref=ts
Instagram: @coolrunningsivluxury
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 118The Schoolhouse for Special Needs
PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 19 August 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogThe Schoolhouse for Special Needs (SHFSN), a private school for children with learning, developmental and physical challenges. SHFSN opened in January 2006 with a modest group of three students and slowly grew to a current roll of nineteen students. SFHSN received the Ministry of Education’s endorsement in September 2008.
Essentially, SHFSN provides quality specialized programs for children with various challenges. It maintains an awareness of different leaning paces and styles so as to meet the uniqueness of each individual student’s well-being. A key component is that it establishes and maintains a team-work policy between students, parents, teachers and therapists. Ultimately, the school’s primary objective is to provide a safe and stimulating environment for its students to grow and develop at their own pace and in their own distinctive way. With recommendations from professional therapists, psychologists and the consideration of the overall needs of each student, the school incorporates a range of strategies and tools.
One distinguishing element of the school’s program is the inclusion of an Individual Educational Plan (I.E.P.). To facilitate this, review meetings are conducted each term with teachers, therapists and parents. These meetings are designed to keep all parties abreast with the development of the individual student, to exchange recognizable changes/improvements and to devise additional strategies that will continue the educational process. These review meetings are an immeasurable activity that always bears fruit.
Holistically, SHFSN has three specific avenues that have been designed to better cater to the needs of its students:The Schoolhouse for Special Needs: catering to students with developmental and/or cognitive delays and physically challenged students;
The Schoolhouse Preparatory: catering to students with mild to moderate learning difficulties. This entity allows for the enrolled students to enter on a day release or interim basis and reintegrate into mainstream schools after the successful completion of the required processes;
The Cottage Industry: designed for young adults with moderate learning difficulties who are developing potential careers in the art/craft and culinary industries. The Cottage Industry was officially launched in October 2013 with an Art Exhibition in Hastings-Christ Church under the patronage of the Minister of Culture, The Honourable Stephen Lashley.

The Cottage Industry is a special projects for its sets the foundation for young adults to develop careers and experience in the area of entrepreneurship. In addition to art exhibitions, this group has transferred their artistic skills onto tangible products such as coffee mugs, kitchen aprons, environmentally friendly shopping bags and greeting cards. These items are currently available through special orders directly from the school or can be purchased at local fairs and Saturday morning markets. Futuristically, these same items will be available at their soon to be established ‘self help’ shop. Also in the pipeline is the establishment of a weekly afternoon tea garden. The students are now in the process of learning various aspects of culinary art through their Food and Nutrition class. At present their focus is on various aspects, including but not limited to: meet and greet; menu planning; customer seating; table settings and order taking/serving. In addition, these students are experimenting with tea food recipes to accomplish a good consistent standard.
0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 484Monkey Business in Barbados
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 07 July 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogAll across Barbados you will find these mischievous little creatures running wild, especially in the gullies that run across the island and even in people’s gardens! The green monkeys found in Barbados, originally came from Senegal and Gambia in West Africa approximately 350 years ago. About 75 generations have occurred since these monkeys arrived in Barbados and, as a result of environmental differences and evolution, the Barbados monkeys today have different characteristics than those in West Africa.
The monkeys are found mainly in the parishes of St.John, St.Joseph, St.Andrew and St.Thomas, where much natural vegetation and woodlands still exist. However, monkeys can also be seen traveling through hotel grounds in St.Peter and St.James, stealing food from tourists.The Green Monkeys are some of the cutest and sometimes naughtiest wild life found in Barbados.
After the island was colonized in 1627, the first settlers brought the monkeys from West Africa to Barbados as their pets, but pets they are not, as they can destroy some crops, especially fruits, and they are known to cause havoc with electric lines. They are therefore considered to be pests by farmers and the government offers a bounty on their tails.There are individuals who travel around Barbados with baby Green Monkeys charging a fee for a photo of the animals. Others keep baby Green Monkeys by their craft stall to attract visitors and others cage them for sale.
On the surface, these activities may appear to be relatively benign, however the facts are rather less attractive since the mothers are killed for their young and as the baby monkeys grow older, they are discarded and replaced with younger ones.The older ones are either killed or released, where they will eventually be killed as outcasts by other monkeys.Note: Please, refuse to support this practice, do not take photos of the monkeys in these circumstances or give money to vendors for the care of these monkeys at any time. It is a cruel practice which should be stopped. For more information, please contact the RSPCA at (246) 426 3077.Barbados .org. welchmanhallgullybarbados.com
0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 601Things to Expect When You Relocate to Barbados
PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 11 June 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogSome of the many reasons for me moving to Barbados, like to find a new job, look for a new spouse, and basically live out my life with a little more fun in a tropical paradise.Perfect white beaches, tropical breezes, gorgeous blue sky, lovely landscape, and ideal climate for sports lovers and health enthusiasts. The Island has a good social and political atmosphere.A growing economy, with a stable, business-oriented government.The US dollar-based currency adds to its stability. The crime rate is low and a well-respected legal system is in place.Barbados enjoys a good literacy rate with a high quality of education, modern and well developed construction industry, with excellent telecommunications, utilities and road networks.Best of all, Barbados is relaxed and laid back! But are we?Some of the downfalls are: It can be extremely hot in summer.It took me two years to acclimatise! Service can be slow, but then again, no one is rushing you, so you need to slow down the pace. “Service is usually friendly except sometimes when it’s not. And when it’s not it’s not about you.” The relaxed and laid-back attitudes in restaurants and stores can be interpreted as rude, but don’t take it personally.We all eventually learn how to deal with it, by getting to know them, and they coming around to both liking and trusting you. (Because it is actually a very transient society.)
In Barbados they drive on the opposite side of the road depending where you come from. As you drive, keep your ass in the centre of the road.There is lots to see around the island. I took up photography and art, which has added a lot of enjoyment to my life.
Barbados can be a very expensive place to live.The cost of living is indeed high – remember, almost everything in Barbados has to be imported.It’s expensive to ship cars, fridges, stoves, food and everything else here — and on top of shipment costs, is duty, one of the few ways the government has to bring money into an economy that does not export very much.So expect everything to be expensive in Barbados. It is so worth it though.An air-conditioned bedroom is a must to help you sleep comfortably and avoid barking dogs and ward off mosquitoes chewing you alive at night!
But I love working hard during the week, and on weekends you can find me on the beach with a Vodka and coconut water in hand, on a lounge chair under an umbrella, enjoying life.Still no sign of a new spouse anywhere in sight, but that’s ok, (might be a blessing) between my exercise, both physical and spiritual, my two dogs keeping me company, and most importantly, a few good friends to hang out with, I feel like I am the most blessed person in the world.
Luckily, my family acquired Residency Status 35 years ago.Because visitors are not permitted to engage in any occupation or to accept any employment during their stay, unless they have residency papers. Persons who wish to take up permanent residence in Barbados must provide tangible evidence that they are not likely to become a charge on the nation.Applications should be made first with the Immigration Department, or with an attorney, to make sure you are not only given a couple of months to stay at a time.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 8725 Tips to Make Your Home Pet-Friendly
PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 28 January 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogWe all know about baby-proofing and how you have to go to extreme lengths to secure a safe home for your little one, but what about the furry little ones? Pet-proofing your home could mean the difference between an easy life of kitty-lounging and doggy-cuddles or a chaotic race to the vet every other week. Let’s look at some ways in which you can make your home pet-friendly.
Eliminate Dangerous Products
Pets are rather inquisitive, so be sure to store away all hazardous products around the house. Keep medicine in cabinets and remove all cleaning products from the counters. The same goes for foods that may be dangerous to your pets such as baking soda and xylitol.
Get Down on All Fours
You might feel silly for crouching around your house on all fours, but sometimes the items and areas that could be dangerous to your pet aren’t very obvious. Move around your house in this manner and spot what could become a problem – keep in mind that pets love chewing and playing with chords and plastic items. Check for cables, wires and openings that could pose a risk.
Give Them Their Own Space
Since your pets will form a part of your family, you need to create spaces that will make them feel comfortable as well. Your moody cat might resemble your moody teenager if you don’t consider its need for territory. For dogs you can place doggie-pillows and dog-beds around the house. If you don’t want them lying on your beds and couches, you can instruct them to revert to their own space.
Choose the Right Furnishings
Choose carpets that match your pet’s colour so that their shedding isn’t so strikingly obvious or, better yet, opt for hardwood floors or tiles for easier cleaning.
Fabric couches collect so much hair, PETA would petition if they saw it out on the street. Leather couches, however, are very durable and easier to clean. If your mind is really set on fabric, consider this great tip from Dog Time: get couches with stain-resistant material or slip covers for easier cleaning.
Keep Your Valuables Safe
Arriving home after a long day of work to find that your fuzzy puppy has destroyed your favourite slippers isn’t ideal. The same goes for your cat knocking an antique vase or clawing a painting. Keep the peace by stashing your valuables where your pets won’t be able to find them.
Sure, being a pet owner is a big responsibility, but it can also be extremely rewarding. With a pet-proofed home full of love, both you and your animals are sure to enjoy quality of life.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 10355 Signs That It’s Time for Home Improvements and Repairs
PostedbySuper UseronMonday, 19 January 2015in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogSometimes it’s the things we ignore that end up being our biggest problems. As a homeowner you’d know that there’s no such thing as a perfect home. There is always room for improvement, adjustments or repairs. In some instances, remodelling your home can change your entire lifestyle for the better.
You don’t need to be an interior design expert or DIY-guru to make your home more ‘liveable’. Follow these signs that you need to make some changes, and take it step by step.
When the Set-up Changes
Sometimes change inspires innovation. If you’re expecting a new baby or your kids are finally moving out, the set-up of the house should change accordingly. Maybe your guest room needs to be transformed into a baby room, or your teenager’s Miley Cyrus posters need to make way for some potpourri.
Your Home is a Time-Warp
A sure sign that it’s time to make home improvements is when entering your house feels more like entering a movie from the sixties than living in the present. Your home needs to be a place that inspires; it needs to reflect your personal style and comfort. If you’re in denial, check whether you still have pink bedroom tiles, cream-coloured cupboards or oak cabinetry. If you want to keep some of your antiques and sentimental pieces, there are always clever ways of incorporating these items into a modern home.
Outdated homes can actually affect your quality of life. Ferris Home Improvement lists a few common phrases that people utter when they’re in need of an upgrade:
•“I’d rather move than fix this dump”
•“I just hate this bathroom!”
•“I just love these home remodelling shows”
•“I guess it might come back in style”
•“We’ve been meaning to redecorate, but we just don’t have the time”.
You’re Hearing Strange Noises
You know those nights where you can’t sleep because of the constant buzzing or humming from the fridge you bought in the eighties? Either opt for a repair or an upgrade. Modern appliances are designed to be energy-efficient and, apart from being as quiet as a mouse, they can help you save money in the long run. Upgrading an appliance can change the entire look and feel of your house without breaking the bank.
You Don’t Have the Good Kind of Bubbles
Many homeowners might be oblivious about water damage and mould in their houses. But if you spot the bubbles emerging in your paint and drywalls around your kitchen and bathroom, the situation needs to be addressed. These issues might not always be visible but, if not dealt with, they could lead to even bigger problems. Spot these signs ahead of time to prevent having to strip these areas down to the studs.
You Relate to an Episode of Hoarders
If you find yourself sympathising with the individuals in the television series ‘Hoarding: Buried Alive’ on TLC, it might be time for an intervention. There’s nothing worse than a house full of clutter – apart from it posing physical problems, it also damages your general well-being. Sometimes we clutter because we don’t have a system in place. By restructuring your home and making some general improvements, you can control your home instead of it being the other way around.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 998Untangling and Storing Christmas Lights and Decorations
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 30 December 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogNow that Christmas is over, it is time to gear up for the New Year, after which it will be time to take the Christmas tree down, and that means taking all the ornaments and lights off. It’s important to pack things that you use yearly, away neatly and in a well-organized way so they take up as little space as possible.
How to Pack Christmas Lights for Storage
Before you start packing the lights away, you want to get the things you’ll need to store them properly together. You can use twist ties – which you can buy in hardware stores or the plant and garden department because rolls of twist ties are used to secure plants to stakes.
You also want to have a straight back chair so you can wind the string of lights around the chair – like you’d do if you were rolling a skein of yarn into a ball. You will use the chair if you don’t have anyone around who can hold their arms up so you can wind the lights up that way.
For Christmas lights, the first thing you want to do after removing them from the tree or taking lights that you had inside or outside down, is to lay them flat so you can see the entire length of the string of lights. This is important because laying them flat keeps them from getting tangled, which is inevitable unless you go about rolling the lights up very methodically.
Start at one end – either the end where the wall plug is or the end where the connecting plug is. Make sure that you’ve got the strand of lights straight so they don’t get twisted as you wind them into a large circle. When you’re done with a strand, take a large segment of the twist ties you purchased, and use it to secure the middle portion of the lights. Also do this where the plugs are. Secure each tie tightly so it won’t come apart when you pack the lights.
If you have light strands that are different lengths, do this with each of them so when you go to place your strands in a box, you can put the longest strand in first, and then place the smaller ones in according to their size. This will let you use a flat box that can be stored under a bed if necessary.
Packing and Storing Ornaments
If you saved the tissue paper and bubble wrap from gifts you received, you can use this to help you pack fragile ornaments carefully. If you have small ornaments, you can pack those together in Ziploc type bags. Be sure to press the bag to remove the air before closing it. That will allow you to pack them more efficiently.
If you have moving boxes that were designed for dishes, you can use those to pack ball-shaped fragile or large ornaments. Otherwise, a large box will suffice. Save those plastic bags you get when you buy food or produce because they’re fantastic for keeping larger ornaments together. Besides that, you can use them as extra padding to protect fragile ornaments.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1060Baking Disasters to Avoid at Your Next Party
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 23 December 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogHosting parties at your luxury beach villa home is a given. The infinity pool, the sunset, and the cabana lounges all make for a relaxing, exotic, and maybe even a romantic night. The grill is on, the Louboutin stilettos are shuffling about, and your guests are having a splendid time. Your guests are also hungry, and rightly so. The feta and watermelon hors d’oeuvres were certainly delicious, but hardly filling. At this point, a meal is expected, along with a finale of decadent desserts.

A party without enough food is not a fun party. A party with a series of baking disasters is even more tragic. Avoid some of the following most common baking mishaps to ensure that your party is a success, and to keep your guests from tossing your cake into the pool.

1. Forgetting the Eggs
Remember that time you made cupcakes, and the consistency of the batter was beautiful? But twenty minutes later when you pulled the cupcakes out of the oven, they were sitting there like sad little pancakes inside the baking tray. What happened? You forgot the eggs. Sure, the chewy discs were still edible. Kind of like the way freezer burn ice cream is “still edible.” It’s just…not the same. Eggs add fluffiness. Remember to add the eggs for soft, plush cupcakes.

2. Ouch, that burns
Burnt food tastes terrible, unless you’re eating crème brûlée, which is supposed to have a thin, caramelized layer. The burnt, hardened pig in a blanket puff pastry? Not so much. Food gets burned for many reasons. Perhaps you’re distracted by your new iPhone app. Or maybe you turned the burner on full blast in efforts to cook the bacon faster. Then there’s sheer forgetfulness. Burning food is quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world because at one point, you know the food was perfectly crisped, but you missed your window of opportunity. Your guests are simply taking one for the team when they begrudgingly eat a blackened arancini ball.

3. Microwave desperation
For those of us who don’t cook, there’s always the microwave. For those of us who do cook, but are frantically trying to keep things warm or thaw the perpetually frozen meat patties, the microwave still beckons. Microwaves, however, can be troublesome creatures. If you do not cover your food, you will experience a microwave explosion. Conseuently, those leftover food explosion particles seemingly grafted to the inner walls of the microwave will cook over and over again with each microwave shift. Sadly, microwave disasters do not end there. There’s the classic “I microwaved the ‘do not microwave’ bowl,” and the big no-no, “I microwaved a metal fork.” The best case scenario? Avoid the microwave and start cooking early so you don’t have to beg the frozen butter to melt.
0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 10395 Tips for Moving During the Holidays
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 09 December 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogThe festive season is almost in full bloom and tinsel has become the common décor theme in malls while Christmas carols are slowly starting to fill the ears of shoppers. Unfortunately, for some, this is the only time of year where they can move house without jeopardising work, the kids’ school attendance or any other fixed activity in their schedule. If you’re faced with the dreaded task of moving these holidays, here are a few tips that will hopefully help make it easier.

1. Plan, Plan, Plan
Moving during the holidays (especially festive holidays) requires a lot more planning than any other time of the year. When scheduling your plan of action, there are many things you’ll need to keep in mind and you should plan for any delays in your schedule. During the festive season many movers, drivers, coordinators, receptionists and, well, any workers will go home to their families if they can. This means companies will either close for a while or are likely to be short-staffed which could result in delays of collecting, transporting or delivering your home contents.
If you can’t see your family handling the delayed schedule with ease then perhaps you should consider staying at friends or family during the moving period, or look at short-term rentals for the holiday.
2. Find Dependable Movers
Not all movers operate during the Christmas and New Year holiday period. There are some that do, but they might try to rip you off by charging ridiculous rates while others lower their rates competitively because it’s a quiet time of year for the moving industry. There are also many scam artists who take advantage of honest citizens looking for a little help with the stressful task of moving.
Do some research both online and in the real world. Ask friends, neighbours, family and your real estate agent if they know any reliable movers, do background checks on the movers you’re considering and read the reviews given to moving companies on neutral websites.
3. Pack Smart
When packing away your belongings into boxes, try to refrain from mixing your everyday must-haves with your only-need-them-once-in-a-whiles. The moving process over a holiday period can be a bit drawn out and so it really makes life easier if you have your necessities at hand in one place without needing to rummage through all your stuff just to find your toothbrush. Also, be sure to clearly label all your boxes as it will help you coordinate your mounds of things in your new home.
Consider also keeping a separate box of only toys, games, books and other activities for the kids readily available. They might become restless during the moving period and this will be your saving grace.
4. Make it Fun
One way of speeding up the moving process is by getting everyone involved in the packing and unpacking. If you invite extended family over too, then you’re not only speeding it up significantly but you’re also squeezing in some of that holiday family time. You could really indulge in the Christmas cheer as a family by playing some Christmas carols and hanging up the decorations while you’re at it.
5. Keep Traditions
Speaking of Christmas cheer, there’s no reason for the family to neglect all of their family traditions this holiday. Christmas day can be especially challenging when you’re used to hosting a huge family feast and the kids eagerly open their presents under the impressive tree you usually have up in the living room.
This year, consider feasting at a restaurant or letting a different family member host for once. At least you’ll all be feasting together without ever having to entirely neglect the ritual. Consider also keeping a separately labelled box of Christmas decorations that you can put up in your new (or temporary) home immediately, and a separately labelled box of gifts that you can unload immediately too.

Have you ever had to move house during a holiday period? Do you have any suggestions to make moving during the holidays easier? Tell us all about it in the comment section below.
0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1189A Bit of Tinsel on the Christmas Tree, a Lot of Excitement in the Family
PostedbySuper UseronFriday, 28 November 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogI may not be the jolliest person every other season of the year, but I definitely get the festive bug every Christmas, without fail. There’s this underlying universal feel-good mood that seems to creep into every smile and twinkle in every eye, and a sense of joy and giving that permeates every mall and every home.
Okay, so it’s possible that I’m imagining this “sense” that I get where every stranger I walk past feels as if they’re radiating holiday cheer, but I’m certainly not imagining how caught up in it some of us get (my family most of all). For me, a pivotal moment when my gentle seasonal elation starts to turn into maniacal festive happiness usually happens around a month before Christmas when we, as a family, decorate that store-bought tree in a box.
Although our family Christmas tree always ends up looking like a lop-sided disaster in the corner of our living room, I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the fruit of the efforts of my family and it’s beautiful. The kids have their own opinions on how to decorate the tree every year, and every year they get their way to some degree.
This year, my youngest brought home the decorations that she had made at school which, of course, prompted the Christmas tree frenzy. That night, we pulled the box out from deep within the garage and the fun began. My eldest decided that she should be in charge of the tree’s overall colour coordination while the youngest kept hanging bits and bobs on whatever spot her hand would find first – which sometimes meant several items on one drooping branch.
After some adjustments and the relocation of a few ornaments, we placed the star atop the stub, strung the lights around the tree and flipped the switch. That moment. That moment when the kids’ faces light up with excitement. That moment when the family is quiet for 2 seconds and we all absorb the wonder and joy of Christmas. That’s my pivotal moment.
Now that the tree is up, the girls are getting anxious that there aren’t any parcels under it. With less than 4 weeks to go, I guess we really should get to our Christmas shopping soon.
What do you love about Christmas? Do you also catch the festive bug? Let us know about all this and more in the comment section below.
0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1481Find Your Dream Vacation Home in Barbados
PostedbySuper UseronFriday, 07 November 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogOur lovely little slice of paradise, Barbados, boasts a myriad of impressive properties sure to steal the hearts of even the most particular home-seekers. Looking to buy a holiday home? We have listings that are sure to ignite enthusiasm for every trip to Bim (Barbados). Just to give you a taste of what’s available, have a look at these gems…

306 Schooner Bay (Penthouse), St Peter
When it comes to island living, there are few things more desirable than a beachfront property. This furnished 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom penthouse apartment overlooks the alluring blue waters of our ever-captive Caribbean ocean. The attention to detail in the finer features and definite luxury living of this property are astounding, boasting marble-tile bathrooms, higher ceilings and, of course, air conditioning, to name but a few of the attractive features.

Chanel No. 5, Mahogany Bay, St James
Each one of the 3 floors in this furnished beachfront townhouse has ocean views that are out of this world! With its 3 air-conditioned bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and perfect-viewing balconies, this townhouse offers space and luxury with the beach basically at your doorstep. With a home like this, the outside world will seem like a distant memory from a different life.

Sandy Lane, Serenity, St James
This property has it all – a secure furnished family home that doesn’t compromise on luxury. With 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms, this listing is for a 4 bedroom family home as well as a 2 bedroom cottage. Situated in the popular and esteemed Sandy Lane Golf Resort, this home lends itself beautifully to entertaining guests or simply having a fun-and-sun-filled holiday with the family.

Sandy Lane, Happy Days, St. James
Situated on the 4th hole of the Sandy Lane Golf Course, this luxurious 6 bedroom, 6.5 bathroom villa has tranquil views of the fairway and an air of elegance with its lush gardens and grand entrances. Ultimate relaxation also permeates the property with many luxuries, including a tennis court, a Jacuzzi, a dining pavilion and a sauna. This kind of home really embodies the saying “living in the lap of luxury”.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1230Tips for Keeping Your Home Effortlessly Stylish
PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 30 October 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog
Having an eye for decoration that works in your home doesn’t come naturally to everyone. I’ve stepped foot in houses that belong on the covers of lifestyle magazines and I’ve also visited homes where proud wives have spent small fortunes on “beautifying” their house only to end up with something that I thought was overdone, outdated or tacky. I’ve found that achieving understated tastefulness has little to do with cost and everything to do with simple choices.
Colour Palette
Stick to a predetermined colour palette for your house, or each room. Unless, of course, you’re going with Andy-Warhol-inspired pop art décor (in which case the colour choices are simply bright and bold). The easiest is usually to stick to neutral, earthy colours. If you’re not one for browns and beiges, then choose one main colour (like teal) and decorate according to that with splashes of other colours that compliment it (like dove grey and white). Just decide on your combination and stick to it.
Lots of Natural Light
Dark enclosed spaces and heavy unending walls are suited for are dungeons, gothic clubs, and Steven Spielberg thrillers. If your home has enough windows, let them let the light in. Sunlight not only gives us that much needed Vitamin D, but it also creates an airiness and openness in a space, often making it feel bigger. If you prefer to keep the curtains drawn, opt for light-coloured curtains and/or only keep the inner sheer curtains drawn. If you don’t have many sources of natural light at home, get mirrors. A nice big, simply-framed mirror on the wall can make a small, stuffy room seem bigger and more welcoming.
This is something that really gets to me. Too many knickknacks in a room make me feel uncomfortable. Often the rooms either look like a flea market or a novelty store at an airport and I keep my arms tucked in for fear of bumping something and starting a crashing dominoes effect. On the other hand, I advocate decorating. I’m all for displaying a beautiful bowl or lining up those Moroccan teacups on the shelf. The thing is: rather have one or two beautiful items that draw attention than have a room full of valuable trinkets that are all lost in the loudness of so much stuff.
While these tips don’t assist with every step of the decorating process, hopefully they provide some guidance and clarity when you’re faced with the formidable task.
Do you have other tips or some thoughts that you’d like to share with us and our readers? Feel free to make use of the comment section below.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 13063 Common Culprits that Kill Houseplants
PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 25 September 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog
If you’re anything like me – severely lacking the gift of a green thumb – then I’m sure you understand the frustration that ensues when I try to figure out why, in the name of all that is green, even my houseflies outlive my houseplants. While houseflies live no longer than a month, it certainly feels like my domestic greenery pales in comparison. If we were all still primitive hunters and gatherers, I’d be gathering from someone else’s lush green veggie patch for sure.
All exaggerations aside, there really is something wrong with the way I care for my houseplants. Whether it’s to do with the climate, the environment in my house, the amount of sunlight or water I’m providing (or not providing), or some other factor that I’m unfamiliar with, I couldn’t be completely sure. So, in an effort to combat this perpetual phase of mourning, I decided to consult others who were more fauna-and-flora inclined, i.e. Google. Here’s what I discovered:
1. Water giveth life, and water taketh away
Overwatering your plants kills them (murder by drowning). Underwatering your plants kills them (murder by dehydration). The right amount of water at the right intervals will keep them alive. The specific amounts and schedule will depend on the type of plant and, for that info, you’ll need to do some research. But don’t worry… no good deed goes unrewarded. So if you’d like to keep your plant-preservation schedule as uncomplicated as possible, opt for beautifying your home with low-maintenance plants like some succulents, or maybe spider plants (don’t let the name throw you off).
2. Pesky pests
As it turns out, there’s quite an impressive list of common houseplant pests that are detrimental to the health of your plants. This is something you need to be aware of.
First step: study the crime scene. Examine your plant closely. If you notice tiny colonies, or your plants seem a bit shinier than normal, or the leaves are withering or deformed, or you find little white moths or cotton balls, or itsy bitsy speckles of white or yellow or black or whatever, well, then you might have a problem.
Second step: identify the assailant. Again, a little research is required. Just jump onto Google, and search for a plant pest that matches the description of the evidence you found. You have to know what you’re dealing with to know how to vanquish it.
Third step: eliminate the threat. There are pesticides available that will kill off the unwanted house guests without sacrificing your plants as collateral damage. For some pests, there are even natural or homemade remedies such as water sprays, mild soapy water, cider vinegar, or rubbing alcohol. Each pest has its weakness. Find it.
3. Let there be light
But not too much. Unless your plant needs a lot. Then let it flow freely. Much like water, your plant can overdose on sunlight, or it can wither from malnourishment if you’re stingy with your light source. And again, much like water, you’ll need to know your plant’s recommended dosages.
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PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 27 August 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog
It seems my Tupperware has begun to invade my pot cupboard. Why? I don’t know. If anything, my Tupperware should be taking up less space considering half of the lids are missing anyway. Sound familiar? I bet it does. I know that story all too well, and in my efforts to defeat the trespassers I’ve devised 3 really effective ways to beat the Tupperware at their sneaky game of invasion and disappearance.
1. The Hanging Pot Rack
In my enthusiasm to win the storage invasion war I decided to buy a hanging pot rack for my kitchen. What a great idea! Not only does it look awesome, giving the kitchen a certain rustic culinary feel, but it actually also freed up a remarkable amount of cupboard space. My Tupperware is no longer limited to the measly 40cm² real estate below my cutlery drawer. What’s more, I now even have enough space in my kitchen cupboards to give the salad bowls their own section!
2. Less is Less
Nope, I’m not attempting to make some redundant statement. Let me explain: less Tupperware means less anger and confusion. Herding Tupperware is like herding cats. It’s much easier controlling and tracking fewer wanderers than it is trying to contain all the little guys infesting every home within a 15km radius of your life.
I went through my Tupperware collection. It. Was. Brutal. I threw out and gave away what I didn’t really need. Even the weird dip server I got three Christmases ago and thought I might need if I ever had to cater for the masses. Truth be told, for the first time ever, I know exactly what Tupperware I own, how many of them there are, and their colours. Scouts honour.
3. There’s No Such Thing as Overly-Attached
Tubs losing lids could be a thing of the past for me with a super simple solution: I should only buy tubs where the lids are permanently attached. That goes for all containers in my Tupperware section. Obviously, there are the few of my favourites that managed to survive the plastic genocide from my previous step and that’s fine considering I use them fairly often. But as of now, the next time I need to buy a new container, I’m opting for the one with a conjoined sibling. Lid hunting is a thing of the past. It won’t happen if it isn’t possible.
I no longer stand aside helplessly and watch hopelessly as my Tupperware situation spirals out of control. Having these 3 simple weapons in my arsenal has allowed me to take the wheel. These weapons have destroyed disorder and I’ve regained power.
If you know what I mean (or are lucky enough to not know), and would like to voice your own stories and frustrations, I’d like to hear about. So feel free to make use of the comment section below.

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PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 21 August 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog
At the risk of sounding OCD-ish, or plain mad, there’s a certain calm that rearranging furniture brings. I can’t deny its therapeutic value. Looking around, I’m already starting to feel the itch! Call it Feng Shui, call it madness, whatever you want, but I love to rearrange my house! I take a step back, look at my newest creation, and it feels gooood.
I like when I arrange and rearrange and rearrange, struggling to find that sweet spot. Sometimes it’s an ongoing thing, and after hours or even days, you end up settling for the layout you came up with in the first place. And sometimes, that wooden Indonesian screen you bought for the bedroom ends up making its home in your living room, and you’ve subsequently rearranged your entire house because of it.
But in the greater scheme of things, that’s just semantics. There remains an excitement that fills me when I’m getting something new for the house. Anything at all. My mind races with all the wondrous possibilities of where it could go, and how to arrange everything so that it fits perfectly. Yes! An excuse to rearrange! Another reason to renew my space!
I know it sounds silly, and I know it’s just materialistic, but I get such fulfilment out of letting my inner decorator come out and play. It’s an outlet for my creativity, and a rewarding challenge as I solve the puzzle as to what fits best and where. It revives my surroundings, and makes my home feel vigorous and fresh. I think, as far as habits go, this is a good healthy one. And as long as it’s healthy, do what makes you happy.
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PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 07 August 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogSprucing up your home can be fun, easy, and (dare I say it) even affordable. Decorating your walls with word art has increased in popularity over the past few years and, lucky for you, it’s super easy to do yourself! Here’s a quick project you could try one afternoon.
What You Need:
Wire (coated or not, any thickness you’d like – we recommend 12 gauge wire)
Long nose pliers
Wire Cutters (sometimes found on pliers)
What You Might Want:
Your chosen word printed in the correct size and font (a cursive font works best)
A cloth
Fabric glue and Ribbon/yarn/material strips (if you want to cover the wire)
Spray paint (if you’d prefer to coat the word in paint)
Small nails and a hammer (if you want to hang it up)
The Process:
As you uncoil the wire, straighten it by simply guiding it firmly through your hand. Gloves can make the process easier on your hands, and maybe even result in a smoother appearance in the lettering.
If you have a print of your chosen word, you can begin bending the wire using the print as a guide. If you’ve decided to work without a print for reference, then simply ‘freehanding’ it will probably do the trick, although planning it will make your life a lot easier.
If you’d like the lettering to be covered by ribbon, yarn, or material strips, apply some fabric glue to the starting point of the wire, and tightly wrap some material around the glued point. Once the glue has dried, it should hold the material in place. Continue wrapping the material in a dense spiral around the wire, bending the wire into letters as you go. If you feel the material needs reinforcement to hold it in place, just reinforce it with another application of glue.
To achieve sharp bends, it’s easiest to bend the wire with pliers. The pliers also let you flatten a bend to achieve a straight line with a point (instead of a loop).
If you want smooth bends, it helps to place a cloth over the wire as it stops the pliers from leaving divots, and (if you aren’t already wearing gloves) allows your fingers to glide easily over the wire as you manipulate it.
Once you’ve completed all the letters, your word should be almost ready for display. Decide where the last letter ends, and cut off the excess wire. If you didn’t get your hands on colour-coated wire, or you decided not to cover it in material, you can of course spray paint it. Now would be the time to do so.

With your completed masterpiece in hand, all that’s left is deciding where it goes. You could prop it up against the wall on top of a mantelpiece, or you could hang it up with inconspicuous nails to give it that ‘floating’ effect.

Photo credits to www.brit.co
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PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 30 July 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogOver the course of my latest (and hopefully last) professional endeavour, I’ve been able to reflect on the trials and tribulations of starting a home-based business. Sure, it offers a lot of advantages, but it also introduces a myriad of difficulties, to put it mildly. Freelancing is tough, but the challenges of starting up a business open a whole different can of worms. What really got me thinking were the effects that my physical space had on my success. You’d be amazed at how the smallest of changes affects your productivity and mindset!
Starting out, I worked in the dining room. The television or radio played softly in the background, and I settled in at the dining table. Big mistake. Here’s why:
“It’s nice to have background noise” I thought. Wrong. These things are distractions, especially the television. You may think it’s not really affecting you, but every moment spent following the storyline or picking up on something a voice in the distance says, is two or more moments you’ve taken from progress – one for the time spent paying attention to the outside source, plus however many more it takes for you to get back into the flow of work.
“I’m close to the kitchen, and a few short steps from the garden” I thought. While that may have been true, it also meant I was easily distracted, and I never really entered that ‘workplace’ mode. Blurring the lines of where to work and where to relax can become a hazard to your business.
“It’s not like I don’t work here… I work hard!” I thought. Lies. Okay fine, so I was at my laptop making efforts most of the day, but actually I wasted who-knows-how-many hours. All these distractions, and my inability to really focus, stole time from my productivity. Had I been more productive, it would’ve shown in my bank account sooner. A spade is a spade.

Today I sit in my office at home, writing from a space that feels like my corporate environment. The fact of the matter is: your environment plays a huge role in your productivity. I shudder to think where I would be today if I hadn’t gotten out of those cozy, but degenerative surroundings. Productivity breeds results, and results are what you’re selling (whether they’re services or products). Sales breeds financial success, and any success breeds a feeling of accomplishment.

Tagged in:BarbadosHome OfficePropertiesReal Estate0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1588Shopping in Barbados
PostedbySuper UseronWednesday, 09 July 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogI am on my first business trip to Barbados, and so far I am pleasantly impressed with the service and the food. I have been thoroughly enjoying thebusiness meetings at restaurants simply because of the food. A cheat week is good for the soul.
On the second-to- last- day of the trip, I met my business partners at Lemon Grass Restaurant in Limegrove, for our last lunch meeting while on the island. After the meeting, since I had no plans but to go back to the villa and sleep, and await the amazing dinner, my villa chef will create, I decided to walk around the mall.
This doesn’t make any sense, my friends who have visited here always tell me about the amazing beaches, the site- seeing, water sports, delicious food and entertainment, but no one has ever told me about the shopping. My business trip has now become a shopping trip as well. I had no plans on shopping while here, but my plans have changed. I am in a shopaholic state of mind. All my favorite stores are here, and as a tourist I am able to purchase my items duty free, which works out to be better than prices at home, which means more items for me.
While in Louis Vuitton, my glass was never empty as it was constantly being refilled with champagne. Ha, shopping and drinking, this is the type of day I like. After shopping, I decided not to retreat to my comfy villa bed just yet.I watched a movie in Limegrove’s cinema which I enjoyed, had a drink at Limebar, and then headed back to the villa where I enjoyed my delicious last villa dinner.

0 CommentsContinue readingHits: 1718Home Office Blues
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 01 July 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogI have been putting off creating a home office for quite some time now. My argument was I did not have the time or room, but now I have to find the space as my living room is cluttered with my work stuff, which is constantly getting in the way. The house has three bedrooms; the master bedroom, the kids’ and the guest room. I occasionally have relatives visiting, so having the guest room feels necessary, but I am going to change it into my guestroom / office.
My biggest problem is figuring out how to juggle my home office/ guestroom, and not make my guest feel uncomfortable when I need to work at night. Is it bad if I make them sleep on the couch? I mean one night on the sofa can’t hurt?
I currently only have office equipment but no office furniture. Where am I supposed to place my laptop? Usually I work with it on the sofa in front me, but that causes my neck to hurt. When I need to print, I sit on the floor, as my printer resides on the floor of my living room.Now that I am working from home full-time that definitely won’t work.
So desk, chair, cabinet and drawers are needed. Sigh! Who has time to go furniture shopping plus who can afford it, on a startup endeavor? Not me! As I stare outside, mentally cursing myself, and thinking about my new expenses, it stood there staring right back at me……..my patio table. Yes! My patio table! That table is only touched when it’s being cleaned, the kids do not even play on it. Hello new desk! What else can I use? There is the coffee table, I can use that for my printer and the guestroom has a built in closet which I can add a couple shelves for storage. One half of the room will have a bed and dresser, and the other side will be my office.
I need to make my space a little more like an office as it still feels like a bedroom with the bed on one side of the room. Simply by switching the bed and the office space around, so that the office space is the first thing I see, and give dual access for the bedroom, that way the guests are comfy,( well as comfy as any guest should be), who wants relatives over-staying their welcome, ha ha, and I can still get my work done.
Research shows that purple is supposed to stimulate the imagination, so I will try to integrate purple into my office, plus I like the colour. I have some old wine bottles and with the kids’ help, I will paint them purple, and add sand and flowers to enhance the décor of the office. Look at me being creative! Also my kids painted cups awhile back with smiley faces and flowers, which I had no use for, but now I can use them as stationery holders, plus it’s a good idea having things that reminds me of them in my office, to keep me smiling.
At the end of the day it’s all about making the space your own! What means the most to you, actually walking into my office now, is so me!I can’t believe I am saying this, but I actually enjoy it .
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PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 10 April 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogThe impending royal visit to Australia by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and young Prince George reminds us of another royal visit made by Prince William in 1983 when he was eight months old. On that occasion his parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, accompanied him.
Back then the UK property market , along with that of much of the Western World, was in much the same state as it is now- climbing out of a recession. The boom years of the late 1980s were yet to come.
A great deal has happened in the property market over the past thirty years. Quite apart from two recessions- including the global financial crisis of 2007 and its aftermath- the picture has changed dramatically. Back then the average price for a home was under £50,000 (that’s approximately $83,00 or €60,000). Today UK Land Registry figures show that the average price in the UK is £168,356 – (that’s approximately $278,000 or €203,000) up by 4.2 per cent in the past year. Figures just released also show that last month alone house prices saw their biggest monthly rise for more than four years.
According to a major UK lending institution average prices increased by 8.4% last year and some forecasters expect an increase of 8% in 2014.
The longest running survey, going back more than 30 years, estimates that over that period the increase in prices means that homeowners have been making the equivalent of 5.84 per cent a year- tax free.
If ever there was good news for buyers it was the Bank of England governor Mark Carney signaling recently that interest rates won’t rise for a year and even after that they will rise only slowly. It is difficult to think of another occasion when homebuyers had such advance warning that the mortgage rate won’t substantially for several years to come.
But another reason to think seriously about buying now is this: Should Prince George and his young family visit Australia in 2044 the average price of a UK home- if house price inflation remains the same- could be over £950,000 (that’s approximately $1,575,000 or €1,150,000). Now that is a right royal result!
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