Baking Disasters to Avoid at Your Next Party | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

Baking Disasters to Avoid at Your Next Party | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

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Baking Disasters to Avoid at Your Next Party
PostedbySuper UseronTuesday, 23 December 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogFont size:LargerSmaller
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Hosting parties at your luxury beach villa home is a given. The infinity pool, the sunset, and the cabana lounges all make for a relaxing, exotic, and maybe even a romantic night. The grill is on, the Louboutin stilettos are shuffling about, and your guests are having a splendid time. Your guests are also hungry, and rightly so. The feta and watermelon hors d’oeuvres were certainly delicious, but hardly filling. At this point, a meal is expected, along with a finale of decadent desserts.

A party without enough food is not a fun party. A party with a series of baking disasters is even more tragic. Avoid some of the following most common baking mishaps to ensure that your party is a success, and to keep your guests from tossing your cake into the pool.

1. Forgetting the Eggs
Remember that time you made cupcakes, and the consistency of the batter was beautiful? But twenty minutes later when you pulled the cupcakes out of the oven, they were sitting there like sad little pancakes inside the baking tray. What happened? You forgot the eggs. Sure, the chewy discs were still edible. Kind of like the way freezer burn ice cream is “still edible.” It’s just…not the same. Eggs add fluffiness. Remember to add the eggs for soft, plush cupcakes.

2. Ouch, that burns
Burnt food tastes terrible, unless you’re eating crème brûlée, which is supposed to have a thin, caramelized layer. The burnt, hardened pig in a blanket puff pastry? Not so much. Food gets burned for many reasons. Perhaps you’re distracted by your new iPhone app. Or maybe you turned the burner on full blast in efforts to cook the bacon faster. Then there’s sheer forgetfulness. Burning food is quite possibly one of the worst feelings in the world because at one point, you know the food was perfectly crisped, but you missed your window of opportunity. Your guests are simply taking one for the team when they begrudgingly eat a blackened arancini ball.

3. Microwave desperation
For those of us who don’t cook, there’s always the microwave. For those of us who do cook, but are frantically trying to keep things warm or thaw the perpetually frozen meat patties, the microwave still beckons. Microwaves, however, can be troublesome creatures. If you do not cover your food, you will experience a microwave explosion. Conseuently, those leftover food explosion particles seemingly grafted to the inner walls of the microwave will cook over and over again with each microwave shift. Sadly, microwave disasters do not end there. There’s the classic “I microwaved the ‘do not microwave’ bowl,” and the big no-no, “I microwaved a metal fork.” The best case scenario? Avoid the microwave and start cooking early so you don’t have to beg the frozen butter to melt.
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