AWS Certified Developer Associate – Practice Tests (Updated as Per June 2018 Version).

AWS Certified Developer Associate – Practice Tests (Updated as Per June 2018 Version).

Are you preparing for the AWS Certified Developer Associate exam. We have you covered with the updated AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams, which are based on June 2018.
Amazon Web Services – AWS certifications are the most valuable and important certifications for AWS professionals. AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam, one of the most popular AWS certifications. This exam validates your abilities and expertise to develop and maintain AWS applications.
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The updated version of AWS Certified Developer Associate exam was released June 2018. This exam is only for individuals who perform a developer role.
The exam validates the examinee’s ability to demonstrate:
This overview covers AWS architecture, best practices, AWS services, as well as its uses.
The ability to develop, deploy, debug, and test applications on AWS platform
Why should one become an AWS Certified Developer Associate (Released June 2018).
AWS certifications are among the highest-paid IT certifications. There is a high demand for certified AWS developers in cloud markets. This exam is recommended for career growth. Let’s take a look at some reasons to take the updated AWS Certified Developer Associate exam.
To increase understanding of AWS platform
To add a credential to your resume
To be a Certified Developer Associate
To demonstrate expertise in developing AWS applications
To increase your chances of being promoted to a current job
To gain global recognition for your AWS skills,
To find better job opportunities and bright career prospects
AWS Certified Developer Associate (Released June 2018, Exam Overview
Criteria for Eligibility for the Exam
Minimum of one year experience in the development or maintenance of applications that are based on AWS platform
Basic knowledge of AWS architecture, AWS services, and uses
Working knowledge of at minimum one programming language (high-level)
Expertise in developing, deploying, and debugging applications on AWS platform
Ability to identify, use, interact with and use AWS services
Ability to use AWS Service APIs and AWS CLI to write code
AWS shared responsibility model and management of the application lifecycle are key concepts
Ability to write, debug and maintain code using AWS security best practices
Knowledge of how to use CD/CI pipeline to develop applications on AWS
Expertise in the development of serverless applications
Understanding how containers can be used in the development of applications
Information for Exams:
Certification Name: AWS Certified Associate Developer (Released June 2018, 2018)
Number of questions: 65
Exam Duration: 130 minutes
Exam Pattern: Multiple Answers and Multiple Choice Questions
Exam Fee: 150 USD
Exam Language: English, Japanese
Exam Blueprint:
AWS Services for Development
Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Official Resources for the Preparation to AWS Certified Developer Associate Exam (Released June 2018).
If you’ve decided to take AWS Certified Developer Associate (Released June 2018,) Exam, now is the time to get started on your preparation. Let’s take a look at the official resources for exam preparation.
Official Exam Guide
It is crucial to fully understand the exam structure, criteria, and blueprint. First, read the official exam guide.
AWS Training
Amazon offers 3-day instructor-led classroom training in Developing on AWS. This training will teach you the basics of AWS-based application development, deployment, and troubleshooting.
AWS Whitepaper
These whitepapers will help you prepare for the exam.
Cloud AWS Best Practices: Architecture for the Cloud
Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery on AWS Accelerating software delivery with DevOps
AWS Security Best Practices
AWS Microservices
Serverless Architectures: Optimizing Enterprise Economics
AWS Containerized Microservices
Serverless Architectures with AWS Lambda
AWS Blue/Green Deployments
AWS Tier Free
To become an AWS Developer certified, you need to have practical knowledge. Register for the AWS free Tier to get some hands-on experience.
FAQs about AWS
You might be looking for answers to many questions. It is recommended that you read the AWS FAQs to find the answers.
AWS Certified Developer Associate Practice Exams Updated
Amazon has a few practice questions. Check out these sample quests