AWS acquires Thinkbox, a creative software firm

AWS acquires Thinkbox, a creative software firm

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a Canadian company that specializes in high performance computing solutions for creative industries, acquired Thinkbox Software on Monday.
Chris Bond, CEO and President of the Thinkbox blog, announced the acquisition. Bond founded the Winnipeg-based company in 2010 from Winnipeg.
“We are thrilled to announce that Amazon has acquired us!” Bond stated that we will be joining Amazon Web Services and looking forward to collaborating to deliver exciting customer offerings.
Thinkbox has offices in Los Angeles, Calif. and Canada. It is well-known for its visual effects software and rendering software. These products have been used in many games, film, and TV projects as well as on Web sites. Its products include Krakatoa (an image rendering solution); a compute management toolkit called Deadline, a 3-D asset manager software called XMesh, and Sequoia which is designed to point cloud meshing.
Customers include engineers, medical visualization, and computer-aided manufacturing.
The terms of the deal are not known. AWS and Thinkbox have not disclosed how the acquisition will impact their product portfolios.
Bond stated that Thinkbox is “still business as usual” in the short term.
He wrote, “We’ll continue providing you, our customers with remarkable support whether your work is on-prem or in the cloud,”