Are you new to Project Management? These are the most common mistakes in project management

Are you new to Project Management? These are the most common mistakes in project management

Pam Warren shares her thoughts today on the mistakes project managers make. Pam Warren, who suffered life-altering injuries in the 1999 Paddington Train Crash, has been a master at re-invention and a catalyst to change in her life and the lives of others. She retrained as a Prince 2 Practitioner project manger, building on her experience as a businesswoman as well as an Independent Financial Advisor. She was the leading campaigner for securing a safer railway network in Britain. Since then, she has worked with many charities and businesses to help them achieve their goals.
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The Most Common Mistakes Project Management Makes Some project managers fall into bad habits and continue to make the same mistakes throughout their careers. Avoid making the same mistakes. Here are some common mistakes project managers make and how to avoid them.
Written Contact versus Face to-face This is a mistake that hundreds of project managers make every single day. Email is great because it allows for quick and easy information transfer. However, if you are working on a large project and have a client that is important to your business, you will need to schedule regular meetings. It is dangerous to email complex plans and dossiers without actually discussing them. Without enough face-to-face contact, it is very likely that there will be misunderstandings or disagreements about the project.
Fear of saying NoThis is a confidence issue. Project managers are often under pressure to say “yes”. When asked, project managers will often say yes even if it is impossible to manage. To ensure a successful project, honesty is key. You must be able and willing to say no. Instead of saying yes to things that you cannot manage, discuss the options and figure out how you can incorporate these new requirements into your project. You can take your time and say that you need to discuss it with the team. If it is a no, then just say so. So that the client doesn’t feel dissatisfied, always offer other options.
Too much You manage a large number of different types and work a lot. This means you spend a lot time distributing orders, setting deadlines, and telling people what to do. A good project manager will do more than this. They will get to know their team members and listen to them. Talking without listening will not motivate your team. Getting the opinions of experts in their fields can help improve the final product.
Failing to receive feedback. While it’s natural not to want to hear about a mistake, it can be a debilitating feeling that no one enjoys. However, it is vital in business. If your client doesn’t like what you did, you must appreciate their feedback and take it into consideration. Neglecting to ask for feedback can have a negative impact on the project. You can receive both positive and negative feedback. If you are open to receiving it, the project will be more likely meet the client’s needs.
It takes time to become a successful project manager. You will soon find your own style and method of managing your projects and teams. These common mistakes can help you avoid awkward situations and think before you act.