An announcement about the AWS Certified Database Specialty Examination

An announcement about the AWS Certified Database Specialty Examination

Amazon Web Services recently announced that the beta version of the AWS Certified Database Specialty Exam will soon be available. It is one of many important announcements regarding the AWS certification exams. The new exam is part of the AWS specialty certifications. Before the exam goes public, the beta exam would be used to test the outline of new exam.
The code DBS-C01 would be used to access the AWS Database Specialty exam. This exam is perfect for IT professionals who work in database-related roles. The AWS Certified Database Specialty exam will test candidates’ ability to understand databases. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge about designing, accessing, migration, maintenance and troubleshooting databases.
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The AWS Certified Database Specialty beta test is available to test the new AWS specialty certification exam. The beta process is required for any new certification exam or new version of an existing exam. The beta exams are half the price of the equivalent certification exam. Beta exams have the same validity as regular AWS certification.
AWS Certified Database Specialty beta Examination
The official website of AWS contains information about the new AWS certified Database specialty exam. The beta period will begin on November 25, 2019, and registrations for the beta exam will open soon.
The beta exam registrations will not be open at all times. It is recommended that you register for the beta exam as soon the bookings are open. Why? AWS uses beta exams to collect statistical information about the exam outline. The registrations are halted when the AWS has sufficient beta exam registrations to fulfill its statistical analysis capacity.
Candidates will be tested on the following skills in the AWS Certified Database specialty exam.
Understanding and distinguishing key features of the AWS database services
Analysis of your needs and requirements to design and provide recommendations for reliable database solutions using AWS services.
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Who should take the AWS Database Specialty Beta Exam?
AWS’ latest specialty certification, Database specialty, is designed for IT professionals who work in database-focused roles. AWS has just announced a new specialty certification that will allow you to become an AWS Certified Database Specialist. You should first determine if you are qualified for the exam and the role as an AWS database specialist. Although there are no prerequisites to AWS certifications due to the flexibility required of candidates, it is important that you have the required knowledge and experience.
These entries are not required to take the AWS Database Specialty exam. These points of knowledge and experience will increase your chances of passing the exam on the first attempt.
Minimum 5 years of experience in the field and a solid understanding of common database technologies
Minimum of 2 years’ experience working with AWS
Expertise and proven experience in working with NoSQL and relational databases on-premises or on AWS Cloud
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New AWS Database Specialty Exam Details
The AWS Certified Database Specialty exam beta exam registration fees are not currently available. The pricing for the beta exam may provide some estimates about the cost of the standard exam. Multiple-choice and multiple-response questions will be asked in the exam format. You can become an AWS Certified Database Specialist after passing the beta exam.
For the beta exam, candidates do not need to pass any professional or associate level exam. AWS’s increased flexibility goal can encourage more candidates and allow them to take certification exams with ease.
Candidates who pass the beta exam could be eligible to receive the latest AWS Specialty certification. Your scores will be sent to you within 90 days of the end of the beta period (January 10, 2020). After passing the beta exam, your certification will be valid for three year.
If all goes well with the beta exam, we will be able to see the new AWS Certified Database Specialty exam and other AWS certifications in April 2020.
Register for the New AWS Database Specialty Examination
Register for the beta exam of the new database specialty certification exam A