3 Common Culprits that Kill Houseplants | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

3 Common Culprits that Kill Houseplants | Realtors Real Estate Sales Blog | Blog | Realtors Luxury Villa Rentals & Vacation Rentals in Barbados

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3 Common Culprits that Kill Houseplants
PostedbySuper UseronThursday, 25 September 2014in Realtors Real Estate Sales BlogFont size:LargerSmaller
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If you’re anything like me – severely lacking the gift of a green thumb – then I’m sure you understand the frustration that ensues when I try to figure out why, in the name of all that is green, even my houseflies outlive my houseplants. While houseflies live no longer than a month, it certainly feels like my domestic greenery pales in comparison. If we were all still primitive hunters and gatherers, I’d be gathering from someone else’s lush green veggie patch for sure.
All exaggerations aside, there really is something wrong with the way I care for my houseplants. Whether it’s to do with the climate, the environment in my house, the amount of sunlight or water I’m providing (or not providing), or some other factor that I’m unfamiliar with, I couldn’t be completely sure. So, in an effort to combat this perpetual phase of mourning, I decided to consult others who were more fauna-and-flora inclined, i.e. Google. Here’s what I discovered:
1. Water giveth life, and water taketh away
Overwatering your plants kills them (murder by drowning). Underwatering your plants kills them (murder by dehydration). The right amount of water at the right intervals will keep them alive. The specific amounts and schedule will depend on the type of plant and, for that info, you’ll need to do some research. But don’t worry… no good deed goes unrewarded. So if you’d like to keep your plant-preservation schedule as uncomplicated as possible, opt for beautifying your home with low-maintenance plants like some succulents, or maybe spider plants (don’t let the name throw you off).
2. Pesky pests
As it turns out, there’s quite an impressive list of common houseplant pests that are detrimental to the health of your plants. This is something you need to be aware of.
First step: study the crime scene. Examine your plant closely. If you notice tiny colonies, or your plants seem a bit shinier than normal, or the leaves are withering or deformed, or you find little white moths or cotton balls, or itsy bitsy speckles of white or yellow or black or whatever, well, then you might have a problem.
Second step: identify the assailant. Again, a little research is required. Just jump onto Google, and search for a plant pest that matches the description of the evidence you found. You have to know what you’re dealing with to know how to vanquish it.
Third step: eliminate the threat. There are pesticides available that will kill off the unwanted house guests without sacrificing your plants as collateral damage. For some pests, there are even natural or homemade remedies such as water sprays, mild soapy water, cider vinegar, or rubbing alcohol. Each pest has its weakness. Find it.
3. Let there be light
But not too much. Unless your plant needs a lot. Then let it flow freely. Much like water, your plant can overdose on sunlight, or it can wither from malnourishment if you’re stingy with your light source. And again, much like water, you’ll need to know your plant’s recommended dosages.
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